The Age of Austerity

Was thinking similar the other day :). How will our age be seen?

The Echo Chamber Podcast

“You don’t qualify for braces unless you’ve more than two teeth missing” said the HSE dental nurse apologetically. She was friendly, efficient and the picture of dental professionalism; Professional Austerity.

Nothing said by the Dental Nurse seemed unreasonable when viewed through the prism of Austerity. Taking Medical Cards from Children with Disabilities, that’s just Childhood Austerity. Allowing Banks gouge Standard Variable Rate customers, that’s Austerity Transference.

Listening to mainstream media decry calls for change as “populism” and nodding our heads sagely, that’s nothing but the manifestation of Austerity Fatigue. Those championing the demise of popular democracy are either adherents to the Austerity doctrine, or hostages to it.

So when a Dental Nurse tells me my daughter doesn’t qualify for braces unless she has a mouth like Shane MacGowan, I don’t even flinch. I myself am suffering from Austerity Stockholm Syndrome.

Today we remember Copernicus as the man who proved the…

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