The Myth of 50/50: Chronic Illness and New Ways to Think about Reciprocity in Relationships

I just love this 🙂

Chronic Yogi

Reciprocal. 50/50. Equal. You name it, chronic illness changes it. So many folks I know with chronic illnesses doubt what they have to offer in relationships when they can’t “pull their own weight.” I face this shame in mainstream circles, in queer counter-cultures, and battle against internalizing it. We need a new way to frame give and take in committed relationships that’s not alienating for folks with chronic illness. 

Before I got sick my wife and I were division of labour superstars. We had this whole

1507019_10152189804777597_88060845_n We took a partner yoga class where we created a pose. We’re ungraceful but figuring it out .

morning routine where I would begin prepping smoothies and coffee while she showered and she would finish making breakfast while I showered and then we’d both sit down to eat together. Now I am in mind-numbing pain if I don’t get way more sleep than…

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