Meditation: sitting with sadness


‘Your task is to simply to touch every new feeling that arises with the loving hand of compassion: “and this… and this…”’

This was on my timehop this week, I tweeted it last year, though I can’t find where it came from. Possibly John Kabat-Zinn?

I am writing this straight after meditation. My stomach has been doing somersaults all day. It’s been an odd week, for a variety of reasons, and my mental health has felt more like a battle than it usually does. I’ve had mornings where I’ve woken up heavy, or a buzzing ball of energy; I’ve overreacted to some situations and under-reacted to others. I’ve had to sit on the toilets at 11am and have a bit of a cry, and I’ve also tried to be a rock while someone sobs down the phone to me. I’ve come home and had to have one more glass of…

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