Deep Web

A feature documentary that explores the rise of a new Internet; decentralized, encrypted, dangerous and beyond the law

Also, here is an article on how to access the deep web.

Here is a good article explaining moral panic and the silk road story on the deep web. It is very interesting.

As Silk Road 2.0 Pops Up, The Government Needs To Avoid The Temptation Of Moral Panic

Many sites on the deep web are not legal to visit. It is also known as a black market. Those who go on the deep web, usually employ anonymity precautions to protect themselves.

After watching the above film on Ross Ulbricht (31), I was left with so many questions. He was arrested for being the creator of the silk road, a narcotics emporium on the deep web. Ulbricht claimed he was not seeking money.

It ends up that he gets convicted on 7 counts, from drug traficking to attemted murder. His parents are fighting tirelessly for him. His trial was a trial by media. A moral panic was created in the press before he was even convicted. He is a modern day folk devil. He was painted as a very dark character. The murder conviction had no real case and was bought up, it seems, as a slur on his character. At the trial, it wasn’t allowed to be questioned how the government had found the server, or if there were others involved. This was very important to a fair hearing. At the trial , his lawyer said Ross, had provided a platform for buying drugs safer. Also, drug crime was down at the time. It was an unfair trial and I am left with a feeling that Ulbricht was set up. After all, even though he was very intelligent, he did not know how to code. That is very strange. So many questions are left, such as;

The drug war – what does it achieve?

Private prisons. Who gains?

Drug testing companies.

Law enforcement making £





Here is also another good read  “The War on Drugs is Over, and We Lost,” Meet the Police Chief Who’s Starting a Revolution

Police chief Campanello took to Facebook with:

Any addict who walks into the police station with the remainder of their drug equipment (needles, etc) or drugs and asks for help will NOT be charged. Instead we will walk them through the system toward detox and recovery. We will assign them an “angel” who will be their guide through the process. Not in hours or days, but on the spot.

The post went uber viral, and was shared over 30,000 times.

Since then, the Gloucester department has helped 109 addicts; 1 in 6 who have driven from out of state for the program.

The idea of treating an addict with compasion instead of violence is a revolutionary notion in this country. However, in other countries, such as Portugal, its effects have been realized for more than a decade. In 2001, the Portugeuse government decriminalized all drugs.


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