The internet of Things

The internet of Things (IoT) Is a world where our entire physical environment has the ability to exchange data with the internet and other connected objects. Some may think this is convenient and makes things stream lined and easy for us, others are shocked at the capacity it has to invade our privacy. In this age of surveillance, it seems privacy is not a right any more but something we have to fight for. Some of the technology is quite scary. For instance the smart tv’s that can literally ‘see’ and hear’ what is going on inside your home. See

Also, ( ) That really is Orwellian. It’s not just the internet of things, where our recycling bin or fridge talks to our phone but it is our private data that is traceable and hackable – that is scary. It not just the internet of things but the internet of people. We need to regulate what is being collected and how it is being used. Gmail ‘listens’ to everything you write, and shows you advertising based on it. Facebook does the same with everything you write on that platform, and even listens to the things you type but dont post. At some level, we’re consenting to all this listening and surveillance. This is presently the price we pay for consuming ever better information. We are complicit in our own surveillance. For all this smart technology, we are not having smart conversations about privacy, this is really what we need to make sure our society and privacy is safeguarded for the future.


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