Information Overload

This section of the professional practices lectures is very useful and timely. There has been lots of work to get done lately, but the work is really interesting I am happy to be able to learn some of these tips for information overload. I have to pace myself a lot. I also would like to get less distracted at times and be more focused. So appreciate to get to listen to some tips to help me get my work done and focus. I will put in any good links here that I found useful or want to keep for future reference.

This was a great video from Daniel Levitin: “The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in an Age of Information Overload.

Here is the link

I will just give some points that are in the video, that I like or are useful.

Multi tasking is a myth. We think we can manage all this information coming to us. What is happening is sequential tasking. Your attention is fragmented into 3 to 5 seconds bits. It also releases the stress hormone cortisol. It contributes to mental fog and stress. We are deceiving ourselves when we think we are multi-tasking. Also, good information about attention and digestion of information. Glucose is very important to decisions.

5 times more info since 1986.

What can we do about it? He offers restorative things to help.

Taking Breaks.

Take hoidays.

Exercise, being in nature.

Naps 10 15 mins is good. I suppose even if you just lay down and rest would be good. (restores glucose levels) and raise iq levels by 10 points. J



Avoid distraction

Writing things down, (better than typing)


There a 2 dominant modes of attention in the brain

There is a mind wandering mode 1. task negative and 2. the task positive network (not distracted).

The task negative is the default. Thinking other thoughts, its very different thought loosely connected. Then can make connections, non linear. Juxtaposition of ideas. Very creative and problem solving. Like a day dreaming mode. Self-reflection, it would require non linear thinking.

In the creative world we need to be able to switch between the 2 modes of attention.

There is lots of info to research on medicaI.  I do this. Becoming more informed and proactive. Separate the wheat from chaff. Become information literate. Side effects of drugs you are 15 times more likely to feel the side-effects.

I also watched. It is good.

Also, some good tips in this one.

Another thing it made me think of was that it is good to take personal responsibility for deciding which ideas are worthwhile and which are not. As regards all the personal ideas of culture in the world. There is so much out there. Information can take up so much head space. Maybe it can be overwhelming at times.  It is good to learn to trust ourselves, our intuition. Reflect and think for ourselves.


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