Reflective Diary on Kinetic Typography Project

The kinetic typography project entailed arranging text to go in synch with a piece of audio that we liked or were inspired by. I picked a Breaking bad piece of dialogue. I picked a crimes times six font as I felt it had an angry broken look.

Once the font was chosen I made them into movie clips.
Then I put all the words at the right point on the timeline and it took quite a bit of time to get used to it. Then I began to animate them.

It was also a good way to go back over the animation techniques in flash. Learning how to manipulate the words was good. I tried different techniques so as I could practice some of the different ways to manipulate them. It was useful way to learn flash again as I am not very confident using it and it takes me a long time.
I do feel more confident using flash now. On reflection, it would be better to give myself lots of time, plan ahead and take it in stages. I would also like to create some of my own images to use.

The overall finish isn’t as clean as I would like. The font choice could be better and I would have liked to add in some background images. Also, I could improve on the alignment of words. However it helped me to learn the basics in flash again and I am pleased with that. I wouldn’t be so anxious using flash the next time.

It is quite enjoyable to see the end result and what can be done with flash.


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