The reason why …

The reason why romantic relationships don’t “work” for people, is because people attempt to be all unbroken and fulfilled and untainted and “good” in the beginning, in order to seduce the other with an ideal. The problem with that is, it’s not really you and you’re not showing the person where you’re broken and what you really feel like… what it sounds like when you fall to the ground! You’re too busy trying to show people what it sounds like when you laugh, but you act like you never fall! You act like you have no darkness in you! The thing is, one day that’s all going to come out, it’s all going to show, and then it’s all going to be over between you and the other person! The terrible part is that people are so used to it being this way, that they actually look for that and are unable to appreciate an unveiled soul! I say darkness must show in the beginning, and if a person can get past that, then they deserve your light! – C. Joybell


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