Wow, I love this video! ‘Life is like a puzzle. A really complex one. Starting with the foundations of healthy living, drinking enough water, and working out, and ending with deep spiritual truth, coming into alignment, and even mid-life crisis and a dark night of the soul, the Rubik’s cube can explain a way forward.

J.D. McClatchy on the Contrast and Complementarity of Desire and Love “Love is the quality of attention we pay to things.”

‘Vulnerability, not music, is the food of love. Our fears are the black backing of our silvered hopes, and are as much a part of love as are the anticipation and the fervor. And when love evaporates or ends? Perhaps the most poignant stage of love is not its tender antennae probing the new surface, and not the glistening track of its progress, but the shell into which it retreats for shelter. Neither betrayal nor death can end our love.’